Monday, May 29, 2017

Origami Crane Earrings - Green Washi Paper Earrings - Origami Jewelry - Paper Jewelry - Paper Crane Jewelry

Lovely pair of origami crane earrings with a golden zamak deluxe leaves, the origami crane is made with beautiful Japanese washi paper which has a sweet pattern of pink sakura flowers a on a green background. It will add a fun pop of color to any outfit, and the cranes are very eye-catching.

• Hand-folded origami crane with wing span of 1.25 inch (3 cm).

• Length from top of hook to bottom of crane is 1.5 inch (3.5 cm).

• Lacquered and sprayed with an acrylic sealer for shine & durability.

• Water resistant, but not recommended to submerge in water.

• Perfect to give as a gift with the cute packaging .


• Please check out more crane earrings here: 
and our Instagram account: @lunaticcute

The paper I used for these cranes is high quality Japanese washi paper. It is thicker and softer than normal paper so it is more durable and stronger. Washi paper is made using the pulp of three plants - kozo, mitsumata and gampi . It is part of the long tradition of high quality paper making in Japan. It often has very elaborate and colorful patterns, often with some gold or silver ink as well. I love the beautiful patterns of washi paper, and hope you do to!

Thanks for dropping by, let me know if you have any questions or custom requests!

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Origami Crane is originated from Japanese. The Japanese word “Tsuru” means “Crane”.
Crane is a symbol of long life as Japanese believe crane can live up to as long as 1,000 years. Up till today, the origami crane is internationally known and accepted to be the symbol of peace, love, happiness, good luck. Recipients of paper cranes are blessed with all the well-being and bliss.


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Commissions: Various Hama

This is a Comission for our friend Joan 

Edogawa Conan's Head

Son Goku's Head

Mario's Head

Saint Seiya Character

Vivi from FF

Friday, May 25, 2012

Expomanga 2012

Lunatic cute Things se estuvo paseando por EXPOMANGA 2012
 (vendiendo un poco de estrangis también ehé :_D)
Habian muchos cosplayers geniales~
Os dejo con algunas fotos!

Tewiedd  "la cliente contenta"

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Eventos : Salón del top Manta y Cannabis de Valencia

Ayer se celebró el Salón del Manga  de Valencia   JOINTOxOTAKUART luf forevah .
¡Y si, aunque no vierais ningún stand nuestro estuvimos! like a  moe gitanos pero estuvimos. 

Como ya explicamos ,  no tenemos dinero , si hacemos cosas hechas a mano es obviamente porque necesitamos dinero , no ibamos a gastar 20€ o los que sean en un stand  (*´∀`*) .

Hicimos muy buena caja en solo 2 horas de cola , nos dimos por satisfechos y nos fuimos a tomar un helado, a pesar de que podríamos haber entrado gratis, pero un helado era prioridad. (●ゝω)ノヽ(∀<●)

Muchas gracias a todos y espero que seáis una de esas 300 personas a las que les repartimos una tarjetita
Gracias por entrar

Os esperamos en el próximo evento en el que podamos tener Stand  (◎`・ω・´)人(´・ω・`*)

Friday, April 20, 2012

OC commissions Brooch : Munryeo Flele Shell

Gasara , an deaviant amazing artist , commission me her OC , Munryeo Flele Shell

Do you want me to do your OC in a brooch? 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Resultados del Giveaway

Y los ganadores son...  (`・ω・´)ゞtap tap tap tap tap

1º Premio 
Alejandro Botella
con el nº 17

2º Premio
Marta Ros
con los números 7  - 3 - 91

¡Muchas Felicidades a los dos 
y a los demás muchas gracias por participar!
¡Nos vemos en el próximo Giveaway!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

OC commissions: Sarin & Korren

Do you want me to do your OC? 
Like this : 



They are OCs of two deviants